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Here at Beech Ridge Farm we pride ourselves on our succulent, tender tasting chicken. All of our chickens are grown slowly and we allow them to grow at their own natural growth rate which usually takes between 10-12 weeks to mature, which is twice as long as a conventional chicken. They are reared in small groups and fed on a simple grain diet, free from artificial additives and routine antibiotics. The birds enjoy free ranging on the beautiful grass of the Devon/ Somerset boarders free to roam from dawn to dusk. Once slaughtered, they are hung for up to 5 days. The process of hanging allows the naked carcass to relax and mature developing a superb taste and texture to the meat. Evisceration or dressing is all done manually here at Beech Ridge Farm by both Chris and Hollie to ensure careful handling of the chicken and excellent service and presentation is carried out. All giblets are saved and presented with each chicken so that traditional gravy can be prepared.

Our chickens have a real depth of flavour and wonderful tender texture just like chicken should taste like, reared like they should be reared and taste like they should taste!!!