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Here at Beech Ridge Farm we hatch, rear and produce our own strain of Aylesbury duck. Once again just like all the poultry we rear here at Beech Ridge our ducks are able to roam freely the spacious countryside. Fed on cereal based diet free from artificial additives and routine antibiotics and able to mature at their own pace making sure you receive the finest tasting bird at Christmas. At night they are housed in big airy arks that are bedded daily. In the day they have the option of the sheltered arks or the option to roam freely making a true show of themselves as the doors are always left open for them.

Our Free range ducks are dry plucked here at Beech Ridge Farm and allowed to hang for up to five days to ensure rich and satisfying texture and flavour. Your free range duck will be prepared ready for the oven with giblets vacuumed packed and carefully placed inside.

Our Aylesbury ducks are available all year round and larger ducks are available at Christmas.

Our ducks range from 1.6kg – 2.6kg and can be larger for seasonal times.

As well as whole ducks we also supply free range duck joints.

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