Christmas is coming …. oh yes it is!

So we’ve not even felt the real warmth of the summer sun yet (the sun is a bit late this year, but even so…) and we’re on the Christmas countdown already!

The goslings have arrived on the farm and the Free Range kids are helping them to settle in.

The goslings have a way to go yet but as all of our birds are slow grown, it means they are given the chance to mature naturally free from additives and growth promoters and when birds are given the chance to mature that can only mean one thing…. deep, rich and textured meat with amazing flavour, so whilst it is too early to be thinking about ordering your Christmas dinner just yet, you know that here at Beech Ridge Farm we have it all under control for you for when the time comes to think about the festivities. We will of course let you know as soon it’s time to get those Christmas orders in. Until then, the Free Range kids will be looking after this little bunch.