How to spatchcock a chicken

What Is Spatchcocking? 

Spatchcock or butterfly is a technique used to split and then flatten a chicken (or duck, turkey or other poultry). It his often used to enable a much quicker cooking time, perfect for the barbecue. It also exposes much more skin which enables you to get lovely crispy skin on the barbecue.

Here’s how to do it.

Step 1: 
Place the whole chicken breast side down, on a work surface. Starting at the thigh / tail end, cut along one side of backbone with kitchen shears.

Step 2: 
Turn chicken around; cut along other side to remove and discard the backbone (or keep it for making stock with later).

Step 3: 
Turn the chicken over and open it up – a bit like a book. Press firmly on breastbone to flatten – you will hear a little crack!


Image from Martha Stewart, click here to view Martha Stewart ‘how to’ video