The Christmas Countdown has begun (yes already!)

Christmas Turkey

Christmas countdown? Yes that’s right. We might not have had our fair share of the summer yet, but we’re on the countdown to Christmas already!

While you are busy buying burgers and sausages for the BBQ (did we tell you we have a 4 for 3 offer on at the moment?? Shop here) we’ve welcomed a few little visitors to Beech Ridge Farm. Our little bronze turkeys and goslings might be a little on the small side now, but we’re busy looking after them so you can have a fantastic Christmas lunch.

All of our birds are slow grown which means they are given the chance to mature naturally free from additives and growth promoters, and this means one simply thing …. deep, rich and textured meat with amazing flavour.

Our bronze turkeys and geese are reared in a small group and unlike many other turkeys and geese are able to fully free range from the age of 6 weeks in the glorious countryside Beech Ridge Farm is situated in. At night they are housed in big airy arks that are bedded daily. In the day they have the option of the sheltered arks or the option to roam freely making a true show of themselves as the doors are always left open for them.

So, enjoy your summer BBQ’s whilst we prep Christmas dinner! We’ve got it all under control…. well looking at the photos it looks like our little helpers have!

img_1826 img_1827 img_1828 img_1829 img_1830